Glimpsess of Dairy show-2014

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Dairy farming

Dairy farming from being a traditional family run businesses, today has grown hugely to an organized dairy industry with technological specializations in every part of the process. We have seen tremendous growth in dairy farming equipment that help modern dairy farms to manage thousands of dairy cows and buffaloes. This huge boost in the industry has created a lot of farming jobs for the people. But many of the dairy farms still manage and run organic dairy farms mostly in villages and supply the milk to get processed by large companies and finally sell to the retail outlets.

The best approach is to create and run a sustainable dairy farm that gives maximum profits to the firm and also takes care of the effects of dairy farms on environments and animals for a longer period.

Dairy Farming in India

According to Assocham report milk production in India is likely to reach 190 million tones by 2015 and the annual turnover Rs.5 Lakh Cr. With planning commission targeting 4.5 to 5% growth for Animal husbandry in the 12th plan and the world bank funded 1584 cr National Dairy plan in few months the sector is expected to witness a  healthy growth in the years to come. 17,300 cr National Dairy Plan  by NDDB for the next 15 years. – first phase with 2000 cr investment to be launched soon.

As one of the major source for livelihood in rural areas, animal husbandry derives prime importance. To make animal husbandry/livestock sector more remunerative animal management systems and production efficiencies need to be improved. Apart from introducing new breeds of animals Government of AP plans to develop fodder nurseries, bund plantation, perennial fodder crops and fodder conservation over next 4 years.
Though a profitable business venture dairy farming in India requires hard work, proper planning and an active and very alert managers and supervisors. We all have heard stories of how simple woman from towns have made big in dairy farming. In today's technological world there have been many advances in modern dairy farming. Every thing from feed for dairy cows to milk processing equipment have added tremendous scope to the dairy farming industry.
Size - Indian Dairy Market
50,000 cr branded pouched milk
1200-14000 cr Branded Butter
400 – 500 cr Branded Cheese
1500 cr Branded Ice Cream
300 cr Branded Flavoured Milk
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